Pannon MTBO 2018 (Hungarian Cup, Czech Cup)


21-22 July 2018 (Saturday-Sunday)

Organising Committee:

Event Director: Péter Vajda
Secretary, Finish: Ágnes Vajda - Kovács
Planner: Péter Vajda

SI: Tamás Jankó

Controller: Zoltán Kiss





Event Center

21 July



Pannon Middle
Hungarian Cup –
Czech Cup


21 July



Pannon Sprint
Hungarian Cup –
Czech Cup


22 July



Pannon Mass Start

Hungarian Cup –
Czech Cup

Long Championships



Typical forest of Bakony. Beautiful mature forest with roads typical to the area (prone to mud when wet, easy riding at places, but may get overgrown at others). Some areas may be affected by active forestry work and trees across paths. Forest roads sensitive to rain are typical to the area, but there are fire roads with stabilised surface near the borders of the map. Old forest clearings may get overgrown by thick brambles. The majority of the area is plateau with moderate slopes, but there are steep slopes in the North part. Some courses may include significant climb.


MTBO map drawn in 2009, redrawn in 2013 and resurveyed in 2017-18


Pannon MTBO 3 round individual event with prizes for combined results

M/W 21E,A,B M21C, M/W14, 15-17, 18-20, 40, 50, 60, 70
Open (beginner), Family (1 under-14 + 1 adult)
Classes with low number of entries may get merged

Entry deadline:

Midnight 11 July 2018 (Wednesday)

Entry fee:

Before deadline

Pannon MTBO:
- M/W 21E, BR, 18-20, 40, 50, 60, 70: Ft 3000 (€ 10)/person/competition

- M/W15-17, Ft 1500 (€ 5)/person/competition

- M/W 14, Family Ft 600 (€ 2)/person/competition

- Open: Ft 1000 (€ 3))/person/competition

Late fee: for entries received after the deadline +Ft 1500 (€ 5)/person/competition (except for Open that has no late fee).

After the printing of maps late entries will be limited to the number of open places in the start list.


Payment in cash only at registration






Email entries are also excepted!

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(NB! This email address is different from the ones used 3 years ago!)
Entries received in email will be confirmed within 2 days. If no confirmation received within 2 days, please repeat the entry.

Only written entries, as described above, accepted.
Required entry data: name, club, class, competition, number of own chip, date of birth

Punching system:

SPORTident system, SI Air+
SPORTident chips can be rented for Ft 300 (€ 1)/day (lost chips will be charged at Ft 13000). Limited number of AIR+ chips (SIAC) may be rented for Ft 600 (€ 2)/day (lost chips will be charged at Ft 22000)


Pannon MTBO top 3 athletes in each class will receive special prizes based on the combined results of the 3 competitions over 2 days.

The top 3 athletes of the national championships will receive medals.



The event is open to the public, no club membership or athlete’s licence required. For the national championships only competitors with national licence will be ranked.
Bicycle helmets are compulsory.

Competitors enter the event at their own risk. The organisers do not accept responsibility for any possible damage, accident or personal injury. Children under 18 may only enter with written parental declaration where parents accept responsibility for their children under the rules of the event. Please submit this declaration at registration.

In classes for under 18s bicycles may be checked for the condition of the breaks and the general condition of the bike. The mechanic performing the control may fix minor problems if time allows, or give advice, but not spare parts will be provided.

Bicycle shops are located in the vicinity of the event in Pápa, Ajka, and Veszprém, but they close Saturday noon. After that spare parts may (or may not) be available in Intersport and the newly opened Decathlon in Veszprém.

Athletes are responsible for damage caused by them. Each athlete accepts these rules by submitting an entry to the event!

Athletes accept with their entries that photos and videos may be taken during the competitions that may be published over the internet and in other media channels!
There are low grade public roads and bicycle lanes in the competition area. The highway code applies to everybody riding along or crossing these roads and cycle lanes!

The exact location and the completion distances are subject to change.


Péter Vajda
Tel.: 06-30-411-7530
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In theory, the Event Centre is a camping for 200 people, but currently it is out of business. It may be possible that we can arrange accommodation here for 120 to 130 people in rooms for 2 people, and cottages for 6 and 10 people. There may be places for 10 to 15 tents and a few motorhomes. We try to secure this accommodation possibility, but so far it has not been confirmed.

Large number of commercial accommodation possibilities are available within 20km of the Event Centre.


There is a restaurant right at the Event Centre, and a pub / street food place 100m away near the parking area. These businesses will be informed to prepare for larger number of clients over the weekend. More details will be available soon.